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International Foundation for Peace in the World
Alternative Nobel Peace Prize

The Alternative Nobel Peace Prize winner for 2014

The International Foundation for Peace in the World, founded in 2010 by Dr. Dekov, announces Alternative Nobel Peace Prize. By this way the Foundation express its opinion that the official Nobel Peace Prize is not honest. The persons who really fight for peace at our planet do not receive the official Nobel Peace Prize. Hence, the International Foundation for Peace announces the Alternative Nobel Peace Prize. The Foundation believes that the winners of the Alternative Nobel Peace Prize are the persons who really deserve to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. They are the real heroes of our time.

The winner for 2014 is Aleksenija Dimitrova.

Aleksenija Dimitrova receives the Alternative Nobel Peace Prize for 2014 for her great contribution to the peace in the world.

Aleksenija Dimitrova is a Bulgarian journalist, working in the leading Bulgarian newspaper "24 hours".

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